[PC] Francois Lecroix

NSA VIP Protection unit


Name: Francois Lecroix
Ethniticy: White
Age: 34
Height: 1,80 m
Weight: 70 Kg
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Sex: Male
Physical Description: Athletic, fit,

Date of Birth: 16 of October 1981
Place of Birth: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
Nationality:French American
Address: 116 Pacific St, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA

Former Job Description: NSA Agent
Combat Speciality: Sniper Rifle
Non-Combat Speciality: Mechanic
Second Non-Combat Speciality: Gunsmith

Equipment List

Mild weather outfit
Casual shoes
Barrett model 82 anti-tank sniper rifle med 100 .50 BMG hollowpoint skud (BV 8500)
12 Gauge semi automatic shotgun med 36 Shells
Shotgun Shell carrier pouch (36 shells)
2 pain relievers
Research coat
Lille lommelygte


[PC] Francois Lecroix

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